Covid-19 has completely changed the lives of students across the world– virtual classes, masks in school, and social distancing are now the norm. But, despite all the change, some things stay the same, such as the production of the annual Fall Play!

Restrictions put in place across the country have made it impossible to host the show the normal way with an audience on stage with actors, but the show must go on, and this year is no exception! Avonworth Drama is working hard to bring you something new and exciting this year, producing a wonderful show while maintaining the necessary safety procedures. The pictures above and below show how Sign Up Genius and Google Forms are at the core of auditions and also the layers of communication needed to rehearse and eventually perform the play.

The traditional format that the play has taken in the past will be replaced with a radio drama this year. Actors will take on the role of 1940s radio talent putting on a production of Charles Dickens’ classic story “A Christmas Carol,” meaning this year’s play will be entirely audio! The show will be complete with live sound effects, accents, and more!


Show dates are November 13 and 14, and the show will either be live streamed or recorded and posted at a later date for audiences. Stay tuned for more information on how to support your drama team!

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