Mrs White (left) and Ms Wickert (right) as Batman and Robin. With COVID regulations, a number of staff included the mask as part of the costume or within the color scheme.

Ms Wahl is the WWII pilot to Mrs Negron’s Rosie the Riveter

Blanche + Sophia + Dorothy + Rose (The Golden Girls) = Mrs. Cahill + Mrs. Dwulit + Mrs. Williamson + Mrs. Remensky



Mrs. Li shows some  American Halloween spirit – she also said she’s handing out Chinese candies today. 

New Graphic Arts teacher Ms. James adds her Mrs. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus style to the festivities. To the bus! Wahoo!

Mrs Vilani as a butterfly (left), Ms George as longtime sub and former Avonews adviser/English teacher Mr. Steiner in the middle, and Mrs. Sebolt as Olaf. 

New Social Studies teacher Ms. Imbrogno as Disgust from the Disney movie Inside Out

Mr Wolfe in his natural AHS environment, room 400, as a shark. 


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