In another noticeable change from tradition due to COVID restrictions, the homecoming pep rally normally held in the auditorium was instead limited to seniors in person on Friday, October 8th, at Lenzner Field. 9th through 11th grade instead headed to their regular mod H classes and   had the option to watch a live stream operated by Athletic Director Andrea Patton.

Principal Dwuilt, pictured below at the podium, continues preparations for broadcasting a recording of the marching band during the rally instead of the usual live performance in the gymnasium. 



Since current senior Brady Neidhart was also in the homecoming court, junior Maggie Goetz instead worked her way inside the Antelope costume for the pep rally. Here she is assisted by Mrs White and senior Katie Conway, who eventually was named Homecoming Queen alongside Brady as King.

Captains from all the fall sports as well as band and student council recognized achievements, encouraged fan support, and thanked participants and fans.




While the weather was warm and dry, the bleachers were almost completely empty.

Much of the senior class was either on the field as part of the pep rally or chose to leave early for the weekend. 


Banners for the graduating seniors of each fall sport lined the fence at the entrance of Lenzner Field, as well as were posted in front of the entrance to the secondary campus. 

Back inside the school, some classrooms in the middle school or in the collaboration center projected the livestream onto smartboards or LCD’s or even just had students and teachers watching on laptops. Photos by Brayden Simmons


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