Expectations from the J1 class were that drama would be noticeable around campus on Tuesday, Nov 3rd. Maybe a few Trump supporters would be loud and proud with Trump Pence t-shirts or a MAGA hat? Maybe a few Biden supporters would be more subtle, no particular shirts and hats for Biden but instead “Black Lives Matters” and other social causes promoted or supported by students who align with the Democratic party?

But to their surprise, the day came and went looking pretty much like every other day in 2020 – masks on, mild weather, smaller classes, and nothing too crazy outside of regular pandemic life. On everyone’s phones, though, Tik Tok was full of frustration, anxiety, and Spongebob Gen Z snark.




Mother always says good things take ✨time✨ 💙 #election2020 #nevada #blm #lgbtqa #fyp

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  On campus, the student poll run by Mrs. Imbrogno’s POD classes favored Democrat Joe Biden at 48.3% with incumbent Donald Trump at 46.1%. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen earned almost 4%. That close split, counting over 350 of the close to 500 students at AHS, was one more source of tension.

Senior Eli King talked to the J1 students on Friday, November 6th, sharing some overall perspective as a conservative-leaning member of the high school class who had an actual impact on the election.

“This year was very noticeably different from past elections” said King.  His skepticism was about mail-in voting, “with 10 states sending a ballot to everyone in the state, which is an issue because states do not unregister voters…[and you can end up with Dead people getting ballots and “voting”]

As a senior attending flying classes at CCBC, he saw first hand the shift in political signs between Avonworth and Beaver County, both united in the same congressional district where Conor Lamb and Sean Parnell were running against each other

King also noted that “Trump’s lawsuit against the PA voting system is a valid lawsuit” as he talked with the class about the potential for voter fraud.

As students left for a weekend of WPIAL championship history with the varsity girls soccer team playing North Catholic at Gateway High School on Saturday, there was no consensus Presidental winner and the local congressman race between Lamb and Parnell remained in count.

You can check the vote count across the state in Philadelphia here: https://youtu.be/-Zzb-7EH-MQ

Students can look towards two specific December dates for some clarity: (from The Guardian) 

  1. Dec 8 Safe Harbor Deadline – Election disputes need to be settled before 8 December

States need to settle any election disputes and have a winner by this date, known as the “safe harbor deadline.” Otherwise, federal law says Congress can refuse to accept the electoral votes from that state.

2) Dec 14th – Then states pick ‘electors’ to represent them

When Americans vote they don’t directly vote for president and vice president. Rather, they vote for their state “electors” who represent their choice.

For example, if Joe Biden wins Michigan this year, the state’s 16 allotted electors would be Democrats. They represent the state at the electoral college meeting on 14 December, where electors meet at their respective state capitols to elect the president and vice-president.

To see the full student poll, click here

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