There were so many unusual sights for the Lopes football team in 2020.  All of them are worth reflecting on to see both the success and disappointment players, families, and community members felt while rooting for the defending section champs in 2020.

This 2020 football season was harder for the Lopes than last.  Last football season they went 15-1 which means they moved up to a harder division.  Playing harder teams means they had to really work this season to win.

The Lopes lost two games this season both sadly causing them to miss the playoffs for the first time in 2 years.  They didnt make the playoffs this year because the two games they lost were conference games.

Trevor Faulkner the starting D1 (TE) and (DE) for the slopes.  He has been a big part of this team on both sides of the ball.  Last offseason he received a huge D1 football scholarship from Air  Force Academy, which is well deserved.

So even though expectations were high, there are success stories to remember from this season, too.   One success story is from Ian Syam (CB) and (RB) after having to fill in the shoes of Jax Miller.  He has done it perfectly playing just as good as Jax Miller was and putting up similar stats.

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