Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time that you spend with your family, hanging out with your favorite cousins, but this year your plans have most likely changed.

Due to the rapidly rising rate of COVID transmission in Allegheny County, as well as across the state and many parts of the nation, many families are skipping visits and traditions to stay COVID free.

Rising COVID cases in the US


Freshman Heidi Hamrick’s plans haven’t changed at all this year; “They [the plans]  have been the same. We only have our close family members that we hang out with regularly come over for Thanksgiving. To my family, this is just like any other year.”

Meanwhile, freshman Ava Coyne says her plans have changed. “I’m going to my grandparents’ house with my parents and siblings. I go there every year, but this year my extended relatives aren’t coming.”

People’s plans seem to be changing; for some people, they change, and for some, they don’t change at all. It all depends on what people are comfortable with this year. Hopefully next year, we won’t need to think this hard about the Holidays.

My family plans to share a meal but in our own individual houses. For example, my parents are making sweet potato casserole, Brussel sprouts (with bacon of course), and a dessert. After we make it, we will drop it off at each person’s house, and then they will give us their contribution to the meal until everyone has a full thanksgiving dinner. I thought it was a pretty good idea and I’m excited about it. Even if we can’t share the meal like we normally would, we have adapted and changed it up so that we can still celebrate. During this weird year, it’s hard to stay excited about things especially when they change and so it’s important to do everything in your power to make the most of the day.

Even though we all want to spend time with our families, it’s more important to keep others safe. I urge you to please stay safe and find a way to celebrate a different way. This will all end soon, so stay safe and stay responsible!

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