Despite 2020 removing the need to leave the house, people across the world have continued to express themselves through clothing. Aided by the Internet and innovating to fit the needs of the day, this year’s fashion has something for everyone.

Bucket hats

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Bucket hats have been part of the ongoing 90s/2000s trend that is showing up on runways, streets, and TV shows. Many enjoy them for their relaxed feel, which pairs well with the loose, comfy fits that are becoming more and more popular.

Loungewear sets

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Comfort is the new norm for everyday fashion, especially as people stay home for days at a time. Matching loungewear sets allow for both snuggliness and style. By using color-coordination, these outfits are able to give wearers an unexpected sense of composure.


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The mullet comeback was a surprising trend this year. It’s rooted in a few other events- people cutting their hair short for quarantine is a big one, as well as celebrities like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus making the jump.

Chunky sneakers

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Chunky sneakers were on the rise from the beginning of 2020. While many brands leaned towards a monochromatic white, others reached for neon blues, oranges, and greens.

Doc Martens

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Doc Martens have been a staple of the alt-rock wardrobe, but as they entered the mainstream they took on a new role. Many paired the boots with flowy skirts and straight-leg jeans, contrasting textures and aesthetics to create a unique look.


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Tie-dye, although being a trend more in the warmer months than now, took social media by storm this year. DIYers were able to create trendy streetwear looks with a quick trip to the dollar store. Vibrant colors, as well as bleach-dyed looks, were a fun way to add color to our closets.


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Who would’ve guessed that masks would become a wardrobe staple this year? While some prefer the classic blue surgical mask, people have found ways to use them for self-expression. Some styled their masks with a monochromatic outfit or made a statement with a funky pattern. They have also been a great way to express support for causes such as Black Lives Matter, while also staying safe.

These weren’t the only trends of the year. The rise of personal aesthetics has also made an impact on the realm of personal style, as young people especially sought to find self-expression through e-girl/guy, coattagecore, indie, skater, or any other of a wide range of aesthetics. Internet thrifting through apps and sites like Depop, impacted by pandemic shutdowns, has created a new way for teens to try out new looks.

2020 has forced people across the globe to innovate in all kinds of ways- including in the realm of fashion. As we finish this year and go on to the next one, there will no doubt be new waves of unique looks to discover- and, hopefully, an opportunity to show them off in person.

12 Replies to “2020 Fashion Roundup”

  1. I find it so interesting that mullets are back. It was mainly a man’s haircut, but recent trends show more and more women branching out in the mullet field.

  2. Masks becoming the newest accessories and mullets coming back are two trends I would not have expected this time last year!

  3. It is very interesting to see different styles from the past come back. Alt-rock and Skater styles were so popular this year compared to past years where futuristic styles were commonly used in fashion.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article and it’s really awesome to see all the trends coming back this year and people exploring the creative outlets of fashion.

  5. Fashion trends are so hard to keep up with, so I just don’t participate in any of them. I’ve noticed that trends like these go in a cycle. In about another 20 years these same trends may come back, and I just think it’s so interesting how that works and how people participate in it.

  6. I think that it’s really cool that masks are being considered fashion. It is a really positive attitude about a not so positive situation.

  7. I am definitely surprised how popular mullets are and really like the way you said when trends were popular before, like when you mentioned that bucket hats were originally popular in the 90s/2000s.

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