People have been so incredibly bored with all of the free time they were forced into by COVID and so people began to make food. There were so many different types of popular food this year. 

Hello Fresh has become increasingly popular during this year. It is a box of fresh ingredients with instructions to make a meal. Once you pick which meal you want, the ingredients and instructions are delivered right to your house. It has gained popularity because the meals are simple, yet healthy. Also, it’s nice to mix things up especially when you’re always home. Although it is quite expensive, it is a good price for fresh produce and meats. 

 A box from Hello Fresh

Hot chocolate bombs are a more recent trend. They have grown popular because of Tiktok. They are orbs made of frozen chocolate with hot chocolate powder inside, as well as some marshmallows, and really anything you want. When it’s dropped into warm milk, it begins to melt and it slowly becomes hot chocolate. It’s super fun and perfect for cold weather.  You can buy them from Etsy and some local stores so that you can try them without having to make them. 

 Hot Chocolate Bombs

Dalgona coffee is a creamy, unique drink. It is made from instant coffee, water, and sugar, you whip it up and put it on top of ice and milk. Once you mix it up, it becomes a creamy, yummy, iced coffee. It was made popular by, once again, Tiktok. 

Dalgona Coffee

Perhaps the biggest food trend was bread. People made so much bread this year. Bread takes time and people had a lot of it during quarantine.

Easy Perfect Yeast Bread

Baking in general has grown because baking usually takes time that people didn’t use to have. It is a fun way to pass time and make something yummy.

10 Baking Tools to Make You a Better Baker | Bon Appétit

Don’t be afraid to try some of these trends! To quote Prue from the great British Baking Show (on Netflix), “If you can read, you can bake.”

12 Replies to “Food Trends of 2020”

  1. I can kind of relate to the bread part in a funny way. I work at a local bread company and during the beginning of the year lots of people came in asking for yeast and flour and stuff. We do sell it but it just was not a normal thing that we sold. It was supper funny how so many people came in asking for those.

  2. I find the ability of tiktok to create trends very interesting. While we have seen trends blow up on social media before, tiktok is so universal that most people under 20 were aware of what was popular at that time.

  3. I think it’s intriguing that making a specific type of food becomes a trend, rather than something like fashion or a new app. I also appreciate the variety of food trends included in this article, like including both foods to make and something like Hello Fresh. I agree with Clayton that TikTok’s reach is crazy and has a huge influence on how fast trends spread.

  4. My family has gotten Hello Fresh meals often recently because of how convenient they are when we are busy. On nights when we are busy or I was not home because of sports, it was an easy and fast meal to make.

  5. I think it is really interesting how Tik Tok and social media had a really big impact on the food trends of 2020

  6. I definitely tried to make the fluffy coffee over quarantine. I had so much free time and I was seeing this trend all over tik tok so I had to make it.

  7. I think this article captured the ability of the pandemic to affect the foods we eat and make very well. The boredom created by this pandemic was definitely a contributor to the food trends this year.

  8. To me, it’s interesting how this quarantine has either completely ruined people’s food habits, or completely and positively transformed people’s food habits. I’ve seen so many videos of people who changed their lives throughout this year, because quarantine had allowed so many people to take time to work out and prepare healthy foods for themselves and work on building good habits. However, I have also seen the opposite happen, because this year has also been very stressful.

  9. Through social media, these types of food trends were able to become popular. With having extra free time during quarantine, people would hop on the bandwagon with these trends.

  10. This is so cool to look back on all of the food trends that have happened while in quarantine. I have tried the coffee one as well as the hot chocolate bomb as well!

  11. I think it is interesting how social media has played such an important role in the growth of food trends due to us being unable to leave our houses and be with people this year.

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