During this stressful time during the quarantine, our family decided to add a new edition to the family a baby chicken.

She was so cute and small but now with months going bye she’s isn’t a baby anymore and times really flew.

We already had 3 chickens and when we first got Nala we also had another baby chick named stitch.

Our plan was to keep her with the other chicks for more company but unfortunately, they rejected her due to that Nala just lived with us in the house in a nice box.

Letting her get out of her box and she followed us around everywhere it was nice until school started back up again.

I had realized that she had separation anxiety now so we had to stay with her all the time or else she would be super loud.

During classes, my sister and I had babysitting duties so that we could pay more attention in class than Nala.

After we realized that we couldn’t keep that up for long we decided to keep her in our basement.


It was hard the first few days but now she’s very independent and loves staying outside enjoying the fresh air.


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  1. This is too adorable. My mom had a friend that owned ducks and since then I thought it would be the cutest thing to have a duck or chicken. I also see videos of ducks running around on tiles and the noise their feet make on the ground is so funny. Glad Nala is doing all good on her own!

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