Little Nightmares 2 is an upcoming puzzle-platform horror game. Its initial release date was December 9, 2020, but got pushed back to February 11th, 2021. Nintendo Switch/PS4-5, Xbox, PC are some of the platforms it is coming out on to.

I wonder if this game is going to be a prequel or a sequel to the first game. Honestly, I wonder what exactly the storyline is going to be. It seems to focus on a new character instead of the same character we played in Little nightmares. 

I want to know Mono’s story. In the first game, we play as Six. She is a little 9-year-old girl that wears a yellow raincoat. She is trying to survive in a world filled with creatures trying to destroy her by any means. In this coming up game we play as Mono a little boy with a paper bag over his head.

As a horror game fan, I hope to see really creepy and scary graphics. The first game had some really creepy scenes and I hope that they add even more of those scenes. The teaser images make it look like it will have a lot of those scenes. I can not wait to play this game in February.

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