During quarantine, I’ve gotten quite a few new additions to my family. It can be boring so getting new pets can add life to these hard times. A few weeks ago we got 2 more animals to add to the list. My mom had wanted parakeets for awhile but not just the ones you can buy from the pet store.

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Freshman Yasmine Lima has two new pets to add into her home.

We wanted baby parakeets to get the fun experience of taking care of these cute babies and watch them grow. After asking a pet store after 2 months they finally came 2 week-old baby parakeets handed in our care. At first, you would think it’s not very difficult to care for these small babies. Was I wrong it is quite a handful you have to feed them every 2 hours and keep them warm so they won’t die. It was hard at first but as you stick to a routine it doesn’t get that hard. Their names are ginger and blueberry. After a few days of taking care of them, we learn their personalities blueberry has a temper when he’s hungry.

Nola has company around the Lima household during the pandemic, including two new little feathered friends!

As for ginger she’s very sweet but has learned from her brother to peck us when she’s hungry. Right after getting their food, we put them in an empty coconut and they pass out till we need to feed them again. There such a joy to have them even perch on my computer so I won’t be lonely. Having new pets especially babies brings in a lot of work and gives you experience but it brings a little more sweetness into the day.

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