Recently, the new Wonder Woman movie, “Wonder Woman 84”, came out and there are varying opinions on whether it would exceed the cinematic glory of its predecessor, Wonder Woman.

Although I am not a DC fan, I loved the first Wonder Woman. I thought it was amazing and so when Wonder Woman 84, or WW84, came out I was so excited. There were a few things that I would have liked to change, but all in all, it was a really good movie.

 The plot of the movie was intriguing and well thought out. It didn’t feel like the end was rushed; it made sense and it left me satisfied. I really liked the end because Cheetah and Maxwell Lord were actually good people led astray by the desire to overcome their internal weakness, unlike most superhero movies depicting the villain as evil to the core. Throughout the entirety of the movie, I was intrigued by the storyline and I waited in anticipation for what would come next. The plot kept the viewers on their toes at all times.


Wonder Woman was the first superhero movie with a female director which I thought was awesome, but I was slightly disappointed when she made Diana’s boyfriend, Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), come back in this film. I think that Diana could have been seen as a stronger character if she had gotten over him and she was just helping the world and being awesome like one does when they are the strongest woman in the world and can harness the power of flight (where did that come from?!). Many people were upset that Steve came back and I think it definitely detracted from the movie as a whole, but that was the only true flaw of the movie.


The characters were great and they all had a purpose. I like how the female characters weren’t one dimensional; they had a story behind them. Cheetah (played by Christen Wig) was one of the villains because she felt desperate to be accepted by society and it ruined who she was. Maxwell Lord just wanted to make his son happy and he thought that he had to prove himself to the world even though his son was already proud of him. I enjoy movies where the villains have redeeming qualities because the world is more complicated than just good and bad.

So, is it worth seeing in the theaters? Well, if it doesn’t put you, or others in danger of infectious disease, I would say yes because there are some great action scenes and so, it would be better to see it with surround sound and on a huge screen. But most importantly, don’t forget about the overpriced soda and really salty popcorn!  

The hidden message of this movie is that sometimes the people we think are bad, are just misunderstood. Sometimes people are hurt and so they hurt others. As the saying goes; “hurt people, hurt people.” This movie is also an example of sometimes the things we want, aren’t what we need. 

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