A few looks at a favorite game of Alec’s – Spider Man Miles Morales

The core of the game is built around “The Great Responsibility Suit”, which is an outfit that is a whole body suit. It is  a dull red. It is very comfortable.

Miles promises to protect the city because Peter is going away for a while. He has special powers of protection.



 Miles is going after Rhino, the core villain in the game, using his web to swing at him. 


 Favorite Part? Alex says this one – Rhino is running in a mall that is crowded.  He is weaving in and out of the crowd.


Overall, Alex says “it is amazing” for gameplay, which he does on his PS 4.  It’s so consistently good Alex says, ” It is thrilling.  I have no favorite parts. ”

Suggestions:  For beginners, play it on the PS4.  For a serious player, play it on the PS 5.







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