The class of 2021 is preparing for our future. Some students are excited about the summer, trade school, or entering the workforce. The majority of seniors are eagerly awaiting college acceptances with a few already notifying Mrs. Levis for the traditional college acceptance board.

With February moving to a close, a small group of seniors have multiple college acceptances and are now considering the best option for 2021. Normally the conflicts are about finances and campus life. For the graduating class of 2021 though, questions about a non-COVID campus life make the decision much more difficult.


With campuses closed and test-optional admittance, college has become an entirely new level of change. So what does this process really look like in a quarantined year?

I began the stressful college search in my junior year. Bouncing between schools often, I officially applied to Geneva College and Grove City College.

I visited both campuses and toured each ministry department. Grove City felt different. Despite meeting the swim team, speaking with coaches, and gathering an idea of their student body, I continued to feel disconnected. Our outreach and tour were limited by COVID restrictions.

My visit to Grove City’s campus


Most seniors are finding that restrictive, yet needed, guidelines make the college search a distant experience. Virtual tours limit your connection to each school. How can you choose a school that you’ve never really seen?

Amidst this awkward season, there is still excitement! I was accepted by both colleges and committed to Geneva College.

Photograph from one of my current classes at Geneva College


Choosing a college has not been a linear process. And as for many in the 2021 class, it’s hard to know what college is right for you. Despite our circumstances, when you have been accepted or committed to a school, the hard work shows.

Acknowledging the importance of acceptances this year, COVID makes each emailed decision
feel like a representation of all the sacrifice and commitment our class has taken.


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