With a drone buzzing overhead, about 60 members of the class of 2021 gathered around in a large circle on Lenzer Field to pose for a class photo.


The morning chill means 2021 white hoodies were the apparel choice for students no longer in Group A or B, but instead now able to attend school all four days.


Student reaction for the first week back was overall positive. 

Senior Joey Skillen reflected on her first opportunity to attend live classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with enthusiasm, while sitting in the collaboration center during MOD C/D, she said “it was awesome.”

The other seniors in the room,  Abby Kline , Natalie Marmion, and Natalie Grillo, agreed, simply stating “it was fun.”





46 students chose to remain in the hybrid format, only attending live classes twice a week, or in the virtual format.
Regardless of choice, all students were invited to be in person during LEAD for the photographs around 8:30 AM before heading back to the school for MOD B. 



As the week reached its end and spring break began, students were pleased a small return to normalcy. 
“I was more focused in my classes and more motivated but tired…I liked seeing my friends” said Zoe Perry.
“It went well and it was nice to come back and see more of my friends at school and I like in person learning better over good meets.” -said Stella Riale
“Everyone seemed a lot happier to see their friends. I know I was”  said Madison Perry. “I was able to walk into school with one of my friends that I haven’t seen in school yet, I got to have class with her as well and that was really nice.
Having all of us in school at the same time is really nice since this is our last year being in school together.”

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