One year after the COVID pandemic closed the doors of Avonworth High School for the 2019-2020 school year, the graduating class of 2021 received their senior sweatshirts.

“The officers (Sasha Kosko, Harris Robinson, Liana Simmons, and I) wanted something simple ” wrote Class President Mikey Frank about the design choice, “and thought that a white sweatshirt with words the colors of our school would be best.”


While we all thought that the pandemic would never last this long, here we are a year later, and a third of the way into the 2020-2021 school year. “I heard someone say 2021 is so far away, I thought covid will end as soon as this year started,” said senior Alec Kreutzer.

As in years past, seniors received sweatshirts representing their graduating class. Going to school in the midst of a pandemic, especially during your last year of high school, can be incredibly tough and saddening. Keeping with tradition, the class of 2021 used their own funds to purchase sweatshirts.


Senior Kamden Otstot was one of the first in his class to pick up the sweatshirts. Distribution started MODS C/D and through lunch in the Lopes Lounge. Miss White helped with the first day of distribution as well as setting up the labeling for students to find their sweatshirts.


“Everyone knows that it’s just a sweatshirt that in most situations is pretty meaningless […] I’ve been part of the class of 2021 for as long as I can remember and it always seemed so far away. […] You see that on a sweatshirt and you’re like, this is crazy,” said senior Will Lucas.

It’s a small thing, it’s a sweatshirt, but, like, it’s a token to show that you made it […] It’s been a long time coming, at least it’s felt that way.”  said senior Will Lucas.

Seniors were sent an email in September with a survey attached asking for sizes for the senior sweatshirts and t-shirts, but that email seemed to have been forgotten by many. “My reaction was confused. I wasn’t sure if I ordered one or not or if they were free,” reflected senior Carly Spahr.

This moment almost feels surreal for a lot of seniors, and this feels like we are finally getting to the end of our high school careers. We never thought this moment would come so quickly. “2021 always seemed so far away. Ever since COVID started it felt like time just flew by. Now you just look at it and it’s like, wow, high school is almost over,” said senior Kamden Otstot.

 Senior Leah Logan displays her brand new senior hoodie. Avonews Online contributor Maryn Ronk took the photo in room 308, a few steps away from the Avonews Pub Lab.


Though all seniors may have different feelings about us approaching the end of our senior year, we have waited for this moment all of our lives. “It’s a cool feeling, ” said Will Lucas, “because it’s, like, you finally feel like, it’s one of the reality checks, that, like, this is your senior year, like, this is it. […] It’s sort of surreal to have your own. It’s also super rewarding.”

The reporter for this story shows off her new sweatshirt. Note the date, just two days shy of a significant anniversary. Friday, March 13th was the last full in-person day of schooling in the junior year of the graduating class of 2021.

With everything that has shattered the vision of a normal senior year, and just the drag of 2nd semester senior year in general, students in class of 2021 really needed something to make their senior year finally seem normal.

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