Senior year has recently won the prize for the most adaptations in my school history. As we enter the fourth nine weeks, although it feels like September still, my entire routine has shifted. I began my final year on the two-day hybrid module, and plan to finish laying in bed with numerous blankets. So how did I get here and where did I change my mind?

My current virtual setup.


Around January, I began to consider virtual schooling, as it provides more flexibility into my work schedule, mental health adjustments, and an overall sense of health safety. I submitted my transform form at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, and plan to attend the model until graduation.

While at home, my daily routine looks nothing like my peers. Despite its controversy, the board recently decided to send all grades back for in-person learning. Seniors’ responses across the grade shocked me. I thought it would be more flexible for each person to pick their schedule. Instead, seniors are returning to a traditional full day schedule of classes. I expected many seniors would choose to stay virtual or shift to virtual. Instead, a large majority chose to return.

Many are upset to lose their laid-back Wednesday, yet are excited to jump back into seeing old friends. Maybe senioritis has hit me harder than my classmates this year because I can’t imagine the chaos of packed halls, classrooms, and transition periods. Our school year has looked different weekly, and to enter into “pre-covid” learning seems so foreign.

Senior Photo-op day (presumably one of my last visits to Avonworth until graduation)


Less than two months remain in my senior year. As our school adjusts to its new model, I am anxious to see how students and staff respond. In all the craziness and change, I am eager to start a new chapter and proudly finish my last days in Avonworth.


6 Replies to “A Virtual Return-How Senior Year Looks at Home”

  1. As you stated in your article, I also too believed that many people, especially seniors, would finish out the school year virtual. Today, being the first day of full 5 day in person schooling, is very weird but nice. It is very nice to see that most people are in the school, but I still wish that it was back to the way it was. Masks, social distancing, only two people allowed at a lunch table are all not normal things we would do. I believe that this is a step toward normalcy, but not even close to the end product. I respect your decision to stay home though because I contemplated doing the same thing for about a week. I am going to miss our Wednesdays like you said, but I’m glad to be back even if it isn’t the same.

  2. I haven’t done fully virtual at all this year so it’s not something I’m likely to ever experience. I’m nervous about the return to 5 days a week and having so many students in the building, but I hope it’s going to work out alright.

  3. I think it is very interesting seeing the difference as an in-person senior compared to an all-online senior. I really enjoyed reading this because I never knew how stressful staying all online could be and the tough decision you had to make to do so.

  4. It is interesting to me as well that more seniors didn’t choose to stay home. Although i think that there are valid points for either decision, i still expected the majority to switch to fully virtual learning. i also weighed in the idea of switching to full virtual, but many other things played a role in my decision.

  5. I do believe everyone was excited to return to somewhat normal but I also feel like there were a lot of nerves to come back full. I liked seeing the seniors that I haven’t seen all year because of groups A and B. I also feel like seniors should be the only ones coming back full time. One so they can enjoy their last year of high school and keep everyone safe and protected.

  6. I do feel that coming back 5 days is a good move for Avonworth as in-person learning is much more effective than online. Though it can be risky with so many people, it is much more beneficial than virtual learning.

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