For earth day I wanted to see if the students of Avonworth do anything on a day-to-day basis to preserve or take care of the earth.  I presented that question to a variety of different grade levels to see what the overall consensus was in the community. Most responses were that they did not do anything extraordinary in their day-to-day lives to preserve the earth.

Freshman Minah Syam said, ¨ No, the reason I don’t is that I am unaware of what I should do to help and preserve the earth.¨ This was a common response from a lot of the students I had encountered, there was a lack of knowledge on what steps can be taken to appreciate the earth.  

I also spoke to two seniors who usually enjoy lunch outside but had to sit inside today due to the drastic weather changes this week.

Senior Ally Veleke had a few things she does to preserve the earth, ¨ I do not believe in littering and think that people should always be held accountable for it.¨ Senior Sarah Neal added on, ¨ I make sure to pick up trash whenever I see it, and I also always recycle.¨ The things these girls mentioned were ones that we hear constantly when it comes to earth day, recycle and do not litter.

We are also taught at Avonworth to reuse. When walking around the hallways I discovered  art and decorations that were actually recycled. {editor’s note – These are Galleries Projects from the early 2010’s made by former Avonworth students}


The last student I talked to had a unique way of preserving and caring for the earth as a lifestyle. Freshman Cassie Heinaeur said, ” Yes, I am a vegan which takes down carbon munitions by 10% a year of a normal carnivore.¨ Cassie, unlike many people, has changed their way of living while also benefiting the world around them. The involvement of students in earth-preserving activities has a lot to do about the knowledge they receive on the topic.

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