I have been attending school virtually since March 13th 2020. It has given me time to sit back and contemplate some things many other kids most likely had not even been giving a second thought to. When going on daily walks or jogs, there has been one thing in particular that I had seen repeatedly no matter where the location had been. What? Litter. A lot of it. The Earth is on its last straw because of the Human race, so please stop using them and especially leaving them wherever. Litter, not ozone holes or climate changes or the many other threatening changes in our environment, is still a core cause for the plummeting of the world’s health. 


A South Carolina news story from during COVID about littering – photos by Bill McGinty


On the flip side, baseball is back in high schools, colleges, and professional stadiums across the nation. Fans across the nation are coming back too – so are concessions, and so are wrappers. That’s fine enough, until wrappers become part of 46% of the world’s litter burned into open air (Litter In America.)  Litter pollutes our oceans and kills off crucial marine life. You might be fully focused on climate change as the core culprit of our environmental struggles.  Yes, climate change has been in full effect for the past several decades due to industrialization, and it’s not going anywhere unless we do something about it.

So how do you, one person,  stop Global Warming? The simple immediate action you can take is to stop littering. The main reasoning, cited by a for- profit company Texas Disposal,  behind littering is carelessness or laziness. This business exists because people simply can’t stop themselves to not litter.

There is no excuse. Littering remains a more serious problem than people think, and it is an attributing factor to the problem occurring in our atmosphere. It releases these toxins into the air increasing the temperature of all ecosystems, even naturally cold ones. 

Yes political action is important, and we’re living in a good time to look towards the government to assist. Although $2 Trillion seems like a lot of money, which it is, it is not nearly enough to reverse the damage that Climate change has already made (New York Times.) It is time to come together and recognize the urgency of this issue that will affect all of us, no matter the political party you associate yourself with.

Sign petitions. Donate. Most importantly, stop littering before the Earth takes its last turn at the bat and strikes out.

visit https://gacofpa.org/ for events today in PA











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  1. Hi, Happy earth day my angle to help on earth day is to make the environment better for the people and to make it better for the world. To make the environment better we have to work together and come together as one nation and help do small things, like pick up litter and don’t throw plastic in the water because of small things like this help the world out so much. If every human did this we wouldn’t be in the spot we are now we only have one earth so let’s make it the best place ever. As they said here “The Earth is what we all have in common.” This is a great qoute becuse we only have one earth and if we make it a bad place and not a good one we all might not be here one day so thats why we have to make the enviorment better.

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