Earth Day 2021 brings our focus to  what the state of our environment is in. With Global warming, a global pandemic, and many other conflicts in our daily lives, Earth Day has to be the last thought on your mind. Some people may participate in Earth day, but it shouldn’t just be today. The environment is not in a great state with global warming and that is why we asked Avonworth Students what they do for the environment.

Junior Brandon Gunzburg said “I helped plant a tree the other day.” Along with Brandon, Freshman Silas Newhouse said that he “planted trees when he was younger and it was really fun” he also stated that “he works in the backyard to better the environment.” Senior Daniel Hightower also added that he “recycles when he can to help the environment.”

Earth day is celebrated once a year, much like our birthdays. Earth Day should be a special day for the Earth, but it should not be the only day that someone tries to help the environment. Do we get everything we need for the rest of the year on our birthday?

No, we don’t because we need to get things everyday in order to survive. The pollution from industries, cars and other pollutants are killing the environment, and that is why the earth needs help everyday.

If we want the earth to last another hundred years then we need to start changing the environment, and not using so much energy on pollutant things. Electric cars and things like that are really good for the environment, and that is why this is the new technology.  Overall, Earth day should be a celebration for how much better we have made the environment all year, not just how much you can do on one day.

Litter outside of Avonworth High School.

Snow on the ground on April 22nd.
Trash and Recycling bins outside of Avonworth High School.


Additional reporting by Steele Selders

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