Senior Alec Kreutzer started his return to the traditional 5 day in-person school week a few days early on Thursday, April 8th. He wrapped up his first full day of being back in the high school with his Journalism 2 class during Mod H and shared some of his thoughts about Monday, April 12th, when all students 9-12 have the option to return for a traditional 5 day, full in-person schedule.

“I feel pretty good about everyone coming back to school , with everyone coming back,” said Alec. “I will be working in the Lopes Lounge. I am excited to see all of my friends.” As a freshman, Alec was part of the first student staff in 2017-2018.  He returns on the 12th as a senior. 

“On Monday, I will be working at the Lopes Lounge. All the days at the Lopes Lounge are busy.”

“I like being a barista. I am not sure about the schedule, but when the bell rings we switch jobs. I usually work the early shift.”

Alec will be attending his gym class MOD G and Journalism 2 during MOD H, but “most of the day I stay with Mrs. White.” He is also looking forward to a few other regular school experiences he’s been missing as a virtual student this year.

“It will be nice to have lunch with friends” said Alec, also sharing that, “I am excited about going on a field trip on Wednesday. We are going to Chick Fil-a.”

2 Replies to “Original Lopes Lounge Staff Member Glad to Return To In-Person Schooling”

  1. I never really considered what working at the Lopes Lounge might be like and I honestly just don’t spend much time there at all because I don’t drink coffee. I am excited to be around friends again, but I’m definitely more cautious and nervous about it. The Lopes Lounge seems like a place where a ton of people would gather and that makes me really nervous because that could easily lead to Covid spreading.

  2. I’m glad to see that the Lopes Lounge is back in business! I’ve never really spent time in it much but I love the atmosphere of it and I definitely will try to spend some time and buy a cup of coffee when I have time!

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