After a tiresome first three quarters of the school year, the district decided to send all grades back to school, five days a week. Though this can be risky because of all the people throughout the school, this will be the most beneficial quarter of the year in my opinion. Learning in-person is on a whole other level than virtual learning. 

Being in class and having the teacher speak straight to your face, not a screen, allows students to be more involved with each class. Three straight quarters of staring at screens have only created laziness for students as they do not have to put in as much effort as they would have to in person. Collaboration with classmates and physically seeing each other impacts the development of the mind and allows the student to comprehend and share thoughts easier.

A glimpse at the hallways on the first full week of in-person classes, April 12th through 16th

In my opinion, this school year was detrimental for everyone and can be seen as a waste of a school year. I feel that it was a tough situation to handle quickly and could have been handled better by the state and the school in some aspects.

Another topic that has been moving around the school recently has been the removal of asynchronous Wednesdays and how beneficial this day was for everyone. Having this day to catch up on work or study gives students plenty of time to improve grades during this time. This day can also be seen as a reward for those who have completed all of their work and are all caught up. They are now able to use this day for their personal lives. Another advantage is that teachers are able to catch up on grades, which are very hard to keep up with during this time, especially virtually. This gives them an entire day to return grades and feedback on assignments. They also can spend more time with their upcoming lessons or assignments so that students are provided with the best learning experience. 

Asynchronous Wednesdays were nothing but beneficial for the Avonworth School District and I am disappointed in the removal of them.

The author of this editorial wishes hallways on Wednesdays in April, May, and June would be this empty. Photographed in between classes the week of April 12th

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