The Avonworth School Board sent two options to its students for the 2020-2021 school year back in August, fully virtual/asynchronous and hybrid/synchronous learning. 

Few seniors took the initial virtual route, yet more have chosen to enter the virtual setting as the year progresses. 

Virtual senior Will Lucas made the decision back in the fall for a personalized benefit. “I went all virtual for a few reasons… the main being the flexibility and productivity that being comfortable in your home environment brings.”


Looking back on his senior year, it’s whirlwind of change and adaptions, Lucas is eager to finish his senior year and look towards the future “I’m excited to be done. This year has been really crazy, but we’re almost there and I’m ready to see senior year out and see what comes next.”


Senior Sadie Sterser holds a different story. She has been fully virtual for the entirety of her senior year. 


“I chose being a virtual student due to Covid-19 and wanting to stay safe, I also found that it was the best choice for me mentally. Basically I wake up, and do my class work and Google Meets at my desk within my bedroom.” 


While Stetser is encouraged by her future, she shares that being a full year virtual student does come with its challenges. “The end of the year has been tough for me academically, especially now that everyone else is in person and has more insight on the curriculum.”

Both seniors relayed that senioritis is hitting quickly as the year comes to a close. Virtual seniors feel too comfortable at times while in their newly acquainted school setting. “While comfort and productivity for me have been great, motivation has been difficult,” said Lucas. Stetser followed suit.

“Sometimes it is challenging to find motivation within your own home, or especially bedroom,” said Stetser.

Sightly over a month remains in these student’s high school careers. Virtual schooling will mark history in their journeys, with their senior year ending the triumph.


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