Scrolling through social media there really wasn’t much about Earth Day. I looked at Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. While I was looking at the most used social media platforms had found a few ads on TikTok about Earth Day and Earth Month, there is also a trending hashtag that has 3.8B views.


While I was looking on Snapchat they only had two filters and usually, they would have a story/ad or something that would promote it because I feel like not a lot of people actually use the filters, I personally usually do not. That could also be just because of the timing, maybe later they will have something also that says something about Earth Day.


Instagram didn’t have anything, but that isn’t anything that took me by surprise Instagram usually doesn’t say anything about almost all holidays. I also didn’t see any bigger social media influencers post anything about today. I then went on to Twitter to see if they had posted anything or had an ad about Earth Day and I didn’t see anything other than scrolling through my feed and our local news had posted something about it.  I believe that maybe later in the day there will be more on the different apps, and bigger influencers might post something.


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