While walking through the school, we tried to gather the student’s outlook on Earth Day. We began asking the general questions, “Do you do anything for Earth Day” and “What are your thoughts on Earth Day”. As we predicted, we received a varied response from students.

Some, like sophomore Sophie Guest and freshman Aidan Tinker, said they were relatively passionate about it.

I totally support Earth Day and its cause”, said Aidan. 

“Personally, I love Earth Day! I always try to recycle, to reuse bottles, and to limit my trash amounts but today is definitely a good reminder to continue doing what I can for the Earth”, said Sophie.

The rest of the responses we received were scattered across the board.

“Personally, I do not do anything for Earth Day”, said Leah Kuban, freshman.

“Honestly, I totally forgot it was Earth Day”, stated Emma Bellotti, freshman.

“I don’t do anything special, but I care about it”, said Ryan Hartle, freshman.

Some students even mentioned that they would like to start caring more about the environment and take place in trying to help the environment.


One thing that we observed as we were walking through the school hallways, was that there were no particular signs or posters up about Earth Day like you would expect.


Photo of water fountains & artwork in the high school hallway.


Reporting also by Sophia Galloti

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