A sunny, slightly warmer Monday greeted students as they started week three of being in the high school for daily classes. Journalism 1 reporters headed out for some “people in the halls” reporting to hear what was on the minds of students who were adjusting after many months of hybrid and/or virtual schooling.

Students seem to have mixed feelings about their third full week back to school all in person. Students, like sophomore Dylan Teddys, are adjusting very well to the new model. “I think that being in school full time now is giving me the motivation to get my work done, and it’s more fun this way, it is not as confusing as being home half the week than in school for 2 days. I like it much more,” said Teddys. 

Although some students have the same mindset as Teddys, others feel this has been too much of a change and it has been very draining. “It’s been really hard getting up in the morning and going to school full time. Especially on a Monday when you have the whole week ahead of you,” said freshman Elise Nardozzi. 

“These past couple of weeks have been taking a toll on me and I need a break. And the workload keeps piling up,” said sophomore Peyton Falkner. 

One further detail behind the mixed reaction was the reality of live classes in person on Wednesdays staying the same until June. Having no break in the middle of the week has made students very tiresome and exhausted.  Freshman Ryan Neal has experienced this struggle over the past two weeks. “I’m overall really tired and I feel like I have so much work to do. I stayed home from school on Friday because I just needed a break, especially without Wednesdays,” he said. 

For upperclassmen, the focus seems to me what is going to happen after the school year ends. The mindset of most seniors seems to be focused on college. “I am thinking about college and how we just need to get through the next couple of months till graduation. I am excited about college but even more excited to spend the last few months having fun with my friends,” said senior Emma Smith.

Students will be attending full weeks of class until Memorial Day, May 30th. 

Currently there are 7 students in quarantine active cases in the High School, according to the district’s tracking information –  

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