Every year, Avonworth hosts an art show featuring the work of students in the various middle and high school art classes. The art show was unique this year due to covid restrictions. It had to be held online instead of in the middle school gymnasium where it’s typically held.

I briefly talked to Junior Elle Theobald about her experience with this year’s show.

AvonewsSo the pieces you have submitted on the website are six of your playing cards, a drawing of a mug, and one of a person surrounded by fairies. What was the inspiration behind them?

These are Elle’s three art pieces.

Elle Theobald: The person surrounded by fairies was supposed to be a self-portrait. Not a classical self-portrait though, one with more thought behind it, so the person is me and the fairies were meant to represent my thoughts which are usually all over the place. The cards were all inspired by constellations and my interpretation of them. Looking back, I think I should’ve done more research into the constellations before I drew them.

Avonews: How is an online art show different than having a physical one in the school’s gym?

Elle: It’s different because I don’t get to go and see my work on display. Although I also don’t have to worry about not getting my artwork back before the end of the year. I would prefer the next one to be in person though.

Avonews: Which constellations are on the six cards?

Elle: Volans is the fish one. Then Circinus is the woman with the compass. The panda is Ursa Minor. Then Canis Venatici is the one with the trees. Then Centaurus. The final card is both Corona Australis and Corona Borealis.

Avonews: Thank you!

Elle: No problem!


The full art show can be found by clicking here.

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