Avonworth Daily Announcements announce they are still requiring the mask mandate.

The Covid- 19 pandemic has been around since the early months of 2020, but now we have a CDC-approved vaccine rolled out for 12-15-year-olds! This vaccine will not require wearing masks in some places and will open up the world more so we can be rid of these masks. However, some private businesses and locations can still require attendees to wear their masks. Avonworth will be following the Mask mandate and will be requiring students to wear their masks until the end of the year even if they’re vaccinated. The school has been giving the first doses of the vaccine to students including myself through vaccine drives like one held in the middle school gym on Wed May 19th in cooperation with pharmacists from the Camp Horne Road Giant Eagle. However, even after the second dose, you are not exempt from the mask rule.

official statement from the CDC regrading the mask mandateĀ 

The CDC is still recommending that schools enforce the mask rule until the end of the year even if students are vaccinated. Because while even though a lot of students may have it it could still be a risk for those who don’t.

Image courtesy of PIXNIO

As this dreadful pandemic seems to be coming to an end soon, let’s hope that by next school year these masks will be a thing of the past. After getting the first dose of the vaccine myself I am very excited to get rid of these masks and hang out with friends in person for the first time in forever. For now, we all need to hold on for just a bit longer because soon we will all be back to normal.



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