The schedule for our school has been insane this year. Going from only having to attend school for two days a week, to going fully virtual, than shifting to hybrid for 4 days a week. Suddenly, out of nowhere, here we are spending a normal 5 days a week in school with people we all know but it feels like we haven’t seen in a year, because we literally haven’t.

The time when we were fully virtual and hybrid did a number on me. With all the class group chats and having to work with people through a computer, there was a huge change in my attitude and mood for that entire period. When sitting in a breakout room, I would just let other people talk and I would copy down whatever they were saying. I put very little effort in all of my assignments, it was like I was just doing them to get it over with. I always used the class group chats to ask people what the assignment was or how to do it since I constantly spaced out during classes. The fact that other students had this same type of attitude towards school did not help in the slightest. I’m not normally that kind of student, I’m normally engaged and interested but that part of me literally fell off the face of the earth.

Wednesdays were the holy grail for this school, and the day that the email was sent out asking for opinions about going back 100%, I just about lost it. I was stuck in a weekly schedule of sleeping in on weekdays, getting away with doing work for history while I was in my math class, and other things that I’m too scared to say in case one of my teachers is reading this.

However, in the third week of being in school for 5 days, my mood, and others’, has seriously improved. I don’t really mind getting up at 7:30 every week day. I actually want to go to the classes that I absolutely despised when it was virtual. I laugh and smile more often, I get my work done, I socialize more. I’m happy to see the people that were not in the same hybrid group as me. I have more fun in my classes just because there’s more people in them. Quick shoutout and appreciation to Mrs. Covalt for making AP Chem more fun and engaging then it has been all year just because we’re all in person and can actually do the fun things in our curriculum. All the students and teachers just seem more lively. You can hear people laughing in the hallways. Everyone has more energy and motivation. It’s great to actually hear people getting excited about the carnival and the prom(s). I don’t know how or why the change in schedule changed my mood, but I have never been happier about the school being so entirely confusing.

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