As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year things have changed. Our superintendent has resigned recently. He will now be going to Pitt and focusing on his family. With this change means a new superintendent next year for my senior year. 


I believe everything has gone well and has been great this whole time that I have been at Avonworth. I have always loved the connection I have had with teachers and the easy access to resources. Avonworth has created a great environment for the students, teachers, and for people outside of that. With the assemblies, sporting events, and (especially during this in-person end of our pandemic year) bribing us to come on Wednesdays with raffles, the environment has been great. I’ve only had one normal high school year, which was my freshman year, and I can’t really remember much from it. I feel like my freshman and sophomore years kind of became one, but even though everything feels great there can always be change.


Right now as I go to school wearing masks and distancing from people, I’ve realized that the school really doesn’t have much outdoor space. We only have the small courtyard, and our temporary tents and seating in the front of the school. I believe that can be transformed into a more open and collaborative space by adding seating, tables and more plants. Have students make wooden tables and be able to paint them and collaborate together. I know there are many creative and hands-on students that go here. 

I also feel like the “colorful hallway” that connects the middle school and high school could use an update. I would continue to stick with the bright colors since it really opens up that hallway. I remember that hallway being dark purple, teal and black which made it feel kind of dull. We could take down the silver duct tape and possibly paint where those pieces are white and maybe put pastel yellows, oranges, blues and purples.

I also feel like we could put another bulletin board in the hallway and have people put pictures from events or just random pictures taken throughout the school year. It would be a clear and simple way to look at what has happened during the year and those fun events.

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