As the 2021 school year comes to an end, many questions arise about the possible changes in the upcoming school year. Will we still wear masks? Who will be the new superintendent? Will things finally go back to normal? Nothing could possibly be set in stone this early for 2021-22 policies about COVID restrictions, and I’m curious about the school board’s decisions. Through this complicated year, I feel like the students were not allowed to share their opinion as they usually can. All the students had to deal with the rapid changes made throughout the school year and I promise that we all have a strong idea of what is best for ourselves and the school in general.

This year consisted of an abundance of busy work for students and I aspire that next year is full of in-class collaboration. This includes group projects and presentations. I feel that I, and most students, comprehend information better with constant interaction with others. The lack of collaboration this year has affected the apprehension of students and I look forward to the possibility of bringing the school back to the way it used to be. To start, more field trips and in-school events eliminate the repetitiveness of the common school day. This includes assemblies, especially Pep Rallies. They bring motivation to the sports team and it will bring back the school spirit that has drifted away this past year. 

Superintendent Ralston has resigned and the big question is who his replacement will be. I assumed that Jeff Hadley, the assistant superintendent, would take over but I’ve also heard rumors about someone completely new. Though Dr. Ralston has been here for countless years, I feel that he is making a great decision for himself. A job at the University of Pittsburgh is impressive and I don’t blame him for resigning, especially after this chaotic year. A focus on his own family, rather than a stressful day-to-day job at Avonworth, also makes sense. We wish him the best of luck and that Avonworth can make it through this pandemic successfully and return to the way it used to be. 

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