Seniors Brooke Johncour and Roman Simkins were elected as Prom Queen and King for the AHS prom, held outdoors at Ohio Township Park due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

On Thursday, May 20th, over the announcements, Mrs.Cahill told the student body information about prom the following day.

Information about excused absences and the senior prom court were revealed to the students.

Anyone in attendance at the prom this Friday was able to miss school with a note from a parent and will be considered as an excused absence. 

The girls on prom court for 2021 were Jenna Barzen, Vanessa Biagarelli, Erin Farrah, Brooke Johncour, Jackie Lamperski, and Leah Logan.

Jenna Barzen, who recently won the ” Most likely to brighten your day award” said ,“ I am super excited to be on the court and wishes everyone luck on Friday!”

Leah Logan who is also on court said, “ I am so happy to be grouped in with such an amazing group of girls. Everyone is super deserving to be on the court and I can’t wait to see who takes the crown! Also, I am super happy we still get to have one fun last event for our senior year.”

Jackie Lamperski said,“ Can’t wait for Friday, I am excited to see everyone looking their best at prom!”

The boys on the court this Friday were Hugh Eddie, Timothy Eng, David Gaugler, Jackson Habala, Nick Slater, and Roman Simkins.

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