As the first week of May moves on, students now more than ever are interacting with teachers, performing experiments, and participating in group discussion in person, in class, every day. I personally am more excited than ever to be back in AP chem doing labs we did not get to when class was virtual. We created batteries, and performed titrations that would have all been impossible on the virtual, or even hybrid model, as it takes up valuable class time.

The main issue the general student body had in late March and especially April was with the new plan changing the Wednesday format. When we had Wednesdays off, I used that time to get work done, exercise, and spend time outside, a valuable pass time as the weather got warmer and seasonal depression was lifted once that first ray of 65 degree sunshine hit my face. Now that we are back to 5 days a week it is unfortunate that both students and teachers do not have that time to themselves. Both students and teachers have told me they appreciated and used Wednesdays to grade papers, spend time with kids, or time alone, and create lesson plans for the coming days. With Wednesdays gone, it became harder for students and teachers to manage all of their time with spring sports and activities in the afternoons through evenings.

One of the risks of coming back full time was the activities we all have come to love potentially getting cancelled as cases spike. I personally was worried that the musical may yet again get cancelled, though we were able to film before any rises in the area, it still was a worry on everyone’s mind. Ultimately, COVID guidelines made it harder for musical to happen, normal dressing room could not be used, spacing out students while singing for rehearsal was required, all of these factors made it harder to run the musical, but as always the great Mrs. Frauenholz got it done.

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