The semi-finals on Tuesday, May 25th, will include Avonworth High School for the first time in many seasons. Junior Jordan Kolenda, who has contributed a few guest editorials for The Avonews recently, wrote a few reflections about the season.

7-1 in the section, 15-1 overall, our team won section for the first time in a while. Coach Bardakos included the use of the suicide squeeze and playing the entire game quickly, while also taking your time. The suicide squeeze is a maneuver consisting of a sacrifice bunt with a runner on third base. This has been used in tight situations throughout the seasons to ensure the win.

In addition, the factor of playing quickly without rushing is a great team attribute that Avonworth holds. An example of this is stealing bases every time on base, within one or two pitches after getting on base.

Also, having a “heads-up” play could take advantage of a situation when the opponent seems to be slacking or not paying attention.

Carrying around 25 people on the team, the bench constantly cheers on the team and pays attention to the game. They also shout out plays and help the team out on the field from the bench.

Overall, the boys have a great connection with each other and have become close friends throughout this difficult year. The pandemic had a large effect on the season this year as they eliminated a large number of games from the season. The team and the coaches are getting the most out of every opportunity given to them during this time and have had a great overall experience this year no matter the final outcome.

Photos by Keyaira Cameron, except of Jordan (#3) on the baseline prior to game – photo submitted by Jordan himself.

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