On the last week for seniors in the 2020-2021 school year, Seniors Ben Nalavenko and Eli King joined juniors Killian Horigan and Peyton Bauer to sing “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel during the Journalism 2 class…which happened to be a end-of-year wacky cereal party, featuring Kellogg’s Peeps and Smorez cereals, joined by French Toast Crunch and Dunkin Mocha cereals.

Horigan provided some reflections about joining the barbershop quartet.

“Working with the quartet has been really awesome,” said Horigan pictured above enjoying his cereal. “Learning a new type of music over just about 10 15- minute rehearsals every week has been stressful, but in the best way. All of the kids involved had very important parts, since there were only 4 of us it was very important that everyone be on the top of their game”

“Eli provided the idea for the quartet, along with the bass tones he added to the music,” said Horigan. 

“The highest part was done by Benji, {pictured above right behind the Kellogg’s Peeps cereal box}, who was often the highest note, or matching with the lead part. It adds an element of softness to the song, as the part is sung with a soft voice throughout, ” said Horigan.

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