The class of 2021 gathered at Lenzer Field starting around 8:30 AM on Wednesday, June 2nd, returning a tradition for seniors that was interrupted by the all virtual format  during the spring of 2020.

Seniors will be the only members of the AHS community on the field for the ceremony, as teachers will sit in the bleachers and board members will have special seating behind the gate below the bleachers.

While outdoor restrictions were loosened statewide in late May, the district is still planning on operating at 75% capacity for attendance – 10 family members per graduate instead of the initial 6 first planned.

Below are pictures from members of the Journalism 1 class: Nate Hardiman for the first two photos, Luc Gilchrist for the wide shot (3rd photo) and Sophia Galati for the last two photos. 

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