I expect this summer to be more eventful than summer 2020. With everyone getting vaccinated I feel like a lot of mandates are going to be lifted. Already, as of May and early June, businesses are lifting their mask mandates, and earlier the CDC said that anyone who is fully vaccinated does not have to wear a mask. With just those few things, there is already a drastic difference compared to this time last year. 

There will definitely be a lot more people traveling, going on vacation, doing road trips, visiting family and friends. My mom and I like to go to New York City during the summer, when we can. We didn’t get to go last summer obviously because it wasn’t quite safe to travel at that time. However, we are already planning our little trip this summer, for we are both fully vaccinated. My mom wants to get the full experience by taking the subway around the city, which freaks me out but I will be happy if I see one of those weird subway rats. I think it would be so funny as long as it doesn’t get anywhere near me. 

I’m excited to see what the new summer trends are going to be. Summer 2020 had a lot of food trends because of people being stuck in their houses so they cooked just to do something. I think that will still be a big thing except with new foods. There are these korean corn dogs that just became a big thing. They’re slightly different than the corn dogs Americans are familiar with and they look so. good. One of my friends and I have been craving them and there’s no places in Pittsburgh that make them yet, so we’ve been planning to make them ourselves. 

I just excited for this summer because I know I’ll be able to do some things that I wasn’t able to do last summer.

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