I hope for next school year that most things stay the same. I quite enjoy the current school environment, hallways aren’t too crowded, teachers have been very kind and are doing a great job of teaching material while also being approachable and helpful. Allowing students to eat lunch and spend open mod time outside has been a great thing for many students. Having just a little extra time getting fresh air between classes is something a lot of students seem to appreciate, for when the weather is nice, spending time outside helps students destress and get some Vitamin D. 


Next year, I’d like to change how schedules are done. I have found that the way scheduling was done before has often caused trouble. My sophomore year I had over 2 hours of open MOD in my Day 2, but this year, I’m stacked, I have no open mods this semester and I really would have loved to. Though I understand it can be hard for staff to perfectly accommodate every student and their scheduling needs, I hope that changes are made so that we can make scheduling an easier time for students, rather than the stress fest it seems to be that has no place in the beginning of a brand new school year with different teachers, classrooms, and subjects.


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