Tuesday, June 8th, was the last Day 1 for the 2020-2021 school year — a year that featured four different schooling formats between August and June.

The 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students of Journalism 1 headed out across the school to hear what students are excited to experience as Pennsylvania mask mandates end June 28th and COVID restrictions across the US begin to ease.


Sophomore Josiah Weiss said, “I’m probably going to travel out of state and visit my extended family”.
Freshman Wyatt Cingle, right, said, “I’m exited to go to the pool with my friends this summer, and I hope that the capacity limit is higher than last summer”. Freshman¬†Liam Colusci, left, offered only, “Bike”.
Freshman Minah Syam said, “Hanging out with you [in response to the question asked by Freshman Sofia Galati]”. She further added, “I just wanna go swimming.”

¬†Freshmen Amelia Hardiman, left, and Lilia MacKenzie both had the same response: “Swimming”.¬†
Junior Riley Olszewski “Sports, basketball or baseball.”
Staff members have some plans as well:
8th-Grade ELA Civics teacher, Ms. Raitano said she will be “getting married and going to Hawaii”.
9th-Grade English teacher Mr. Wells said that he plans spend his summer “traveling, going to the beach, [and] relaxing with friends”.
All in all, the message was clear: students and staff alike are excited to put this year behind them and have a great summer.

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