The end of the 2020-2021 school year is approaching and we will soon have to say goodbye to the seniors and our superintendent. To Dr. Ralston and the 2021 seniors, I wish you all luck beginning a new chapter in your lives. However, the 2022 class is still here for another year and, especially with a new superintendent, there will probably be a lot of changes.

I have loved and appreciated everything this school has done for the students. There are rarely any complaints from anyone. Although we haven’t been able to do this for a while, I love the assemblies, the pep rallies, the little parades through the hallways, and all those fun little things we get to do sometimes. I really like the addition to outdoor seating this year as well. Being able to sit outside for classes or lunch gives students a bigger sense of freedom and relaxation. Even with all these great things that make students look forward to school sometimes, there are things that could make it even better.

The tiniest things could make the biggest difference in the environment of the school. Something that I hear a lot of people continue to say, and that I agree with, would be if there was food in the lopes lounge. I would personally look forward to driving to school and grabbing a muffin, cinnamon roll, or egg sandwich for breakfast. It would help a lot of the kids who wake up at the last second and don’t have time to grab breakfast at home. I also think it would help the lopes lounge make a lot more money.

I remember being in middle school and seeing the vending machines in the lunchroom. My entire class always looked forward to being able to use them in high school, but then they took them away. That was seriously so sad. I think it would be cool if we brought those back and filled them with things like Gatorade and little snacks that people can grab throughout the day. Yes this stuff is accessible during lunch, but that’s just the thing. There are only certain hours during the day that kids can grab snacks. It could also prevent kids from leaving during the day to go to sheetz.

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