I would tell my pre-pandemic self many things. I would first tell myself to start working on the things I love so much, sooner. I would tell myself to start working out, if I had been going to the gym for over a year instead of just 6 months! I would be so strong. I would tell myself to focus more on school, to not fall into a sleep schedule where yes I did get 8 hours, but those 8 hours were 4AM to noon. Listen to opera!

I learned over the summer of my love for the performing art, but if I had discovered it earlier, it would have been very good for developing that skill in my voice, especially before voice lessons were all virtual. I would tell myself to go with the flow, and don’t get your hopes up, no it will not end soon. Hold out though, for as the world gets crazier, you will not get crazier with it, though the weeks where the most eventful thing that happened was that the fruit bowl was moved from by the sink to on the kitchen table will be rough. It is important to find fun in the little things, seeing siblings that are home from college, learning new games, and finding new interests.


Everyone will learn a new COVID hobby, for my mom it was knitting, for me it was working out, for my grandma it was EverQuest, an MMO from the early 2000’s. Do what you love, and learn to love those around you. You will be seeing them a lot.

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