The following is a transcript of an interview conduted through the Journalism 1 class by Kelly Kashaba and Maya Nusskern



Q: Who is your campaign team?

Gbemi Odebode: Our entire campaign team is obviously the person running for President, Airah Shafiq, me, running for Vice President, and our campaign manager, Kacey LaVelle.


Q: Why are you running for vice president?

A: We are running for vice president and president because we believe we can do a good job managing our grade and doing the fundraising necessary for us to have an enjoyable junior and senior year.


Q: What are your goals for president and vice president?

A: Our main goals as president and vice president will be the focus on fundraising because it is recommended by our class sponsor which is Mr. Wells, the honors 9th-grade English teacher as well as the Integrated English teacher that we raise $10,000 by our senior year, which means we need to raise $2,500 in freshman year, so our goal would be something that we can collect money from the entire school. That could be stuff like carnivals that the junior class ran in 2021, bake sales, or anything else that would bring in funds for our class.


Q: How are you running your campaign?

A: The way our campaign is structured is all about publicity. A lot of our opponents are more well known than we are so we need to overcome our disadvantages. We’re doing that by having as many variant posters as we can we have 3 different campaign posters and 2 of them have QR codes that take you to active links we’re also in the process of setting up our campaign website and putting our video speeches on there to increase publicity. We are doing stuff like giving out free food and snacks to make our candidacy known to the rest of our grade. We actually don’t know when the ballots are closed we’re just hoping to achieve a big enough wave of supporters by that time.


Q: Do you have any social media accounts progressing for the campaign? 

A: Not actively, but it’s in consideration just having a social media account for the campaign. 


Q: Would you choose to do Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.?

A: If we were to start a campaign on social media it would be Instagram with just updates on events, on our candidacy, when the website is active it will get posted on there, QR codes, and any other links that we think are important. So Instagram will be the social media of choice


Q: Do you think you’re going to win?

A: I think with the work we have done to overcome our disadvantage that we have a fighting chance, but the race could take any turn at any time.


A: I’m most excited for if we become our class officers being able to properly represent our graduation year and being able to have that as one of my listed achievements. I genuinely believe that my running mate and I will do a good job. 

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  1. If not Class President in Freshman year, then a given position in the Student Council for all of general high school. We would love to do everything in our will to make our high school experience vivid and beneficial to all students.

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