Reporting by Jacob Hanny, Ben Barnes, and Tyler Woodfill

With no Hurricane currently threatening rainouts in Pittsburgh, we asked soccer players how hurricane Ida has affected the practices and prep for the season. Even though the season has not officially started the storm has still affected the soccer players.   

“” It has definitely made the fields muddy, we have had practice canceled because of the storm. Other than that hurricane Ida hasn’t affected the soccer team very much” Said freshman Noah Quinn. 


Sophomore Aidan Osekowski added to Noah’s statement about hurricane Ida by saying “Well since the season hasn’t quite started yet no games have been canceled, but the field is a little difficult to play on because of all the rain ” 


We also asked how hurricane Ida has affected the team morale. Sophomore Eli Whalen had an interesting statement, “The team morale has been high because we returned to practice after the cancellation. We also had to pick up the pace because we missed a whole day of practice when we should have been preparing for the start of the season.” 

Looking at this from a long term perspective it seems that this would not be a big deal, but to the players this has delayed their preparation for the upcoming season. We will see how this conflict will affect the team when they take on South Allegheny in the season opener September 7th at Lenzner Field.

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