Reporting by Jayla Jones, Willow Wright, Kayla Geouque

Photography by Hannah Palmer

The fan section returned to the Lenzer field bleachers for the first full Friday Night Lights experience since the run towards the 2019 States Championship. 

On Friday, August 27, 2021, eager students and football fans returned to Lenzer field to watch the Avonworth Antelopes play against Summit Academy. Students and parents packed the bleachers in anticipation of the first game of the season.

“Games are more exciting with a full house. It helps me play better with more energy from the bleachers and I like having the fans there after experiencing playing during COVID,” said Junior football player, Austin Johncour. The Avonworth varsity football team seems to enjoy the fan sections and claims that they are fantastic support when the athletes are out on the field.  

On the other hand, some varsity cheerleaders disagree and have voiced that they find the fan section distracting. Freshman varsity cheerleader, Lucy Studebaker, says, “It does get kind of obnoxious for the cheerleaders sometimes, but I do like it a lot. They really bring the spirit to the games and get the energy up.” 



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