Around 3 PM on Wednesday, excessive amounts of water that had poured into the area  created a plumbing nightmare. After the school suffered a sewage issue, in-person school was called off and turned all virtual for the high school campus. Students were not particularly excited about this, an anonymous freshman claims “…it is hard to focus and very difficult to find motivation when trying to do your work.” A seemingly recurring theme was seen throughout the day as participation in classes dwindled. Freshman Billy Onyshko adds, “…it doesn’t keep you up and engaged…” And although the teachers and staff were clearly prepared for this occurrence, a strong majority of students were evidently not.


Virtual schooling added an unseen challenge in itself, but an even bigger concern presenting the school currently is followed by a sewage issue. The complication likely stemmed from the extravagant amounts of water sweeping through the area due to Hurricane Ida, as school turned all virtual on Wednesday evening. The impediment most likely came from the bursting or displacement of a major drainage pipe, and should likely be back in place before the next school day. Coincidentally, drainage parts for the school’s new parking lot, located near the front of the high school office, arrived much later than expected due to a shortage of the specific piece, effectively halting the whole process for a few days around two weeks ago.  


Frew Plumbing Heating & AC company vehicles occupied the back of the building late into Thursday afternoon, working around the clock to solve the problem. Although progress was made, the high school cafeteria was closed off for Friday, and hot foods were not available for purchase, creating some problems for students.

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