With the season winding down, it’s very safe to say that the Avonworth-Northgate golf team has been having an excellent season, thanks in part to a large number of students interested in the sport. The best part? The majority of them are sophomores.


“Golf is actually a co-operative sport meaning that we share it with another school, so Northgate High School actually owns and sponsors golf. You bring up a good point; the majority of our students who play golf are all from Avonworth. So I think with the increase in numbers, we’ve been increasing every year for the last five years. We have enough kids that we’ve actually been able to compile a Junior Varsity team for the first time this year, so, I think that we’re going to see Avonworth in the next year taking golf back as our sponsored sport.” says athletic director Ms. Patton.

The team shot a record score of 196 at their home course of Shannopin Country Club earlier this year, the all-time low for the team in the century. Three golfers, all sophomores, advanced to the WPIAL boys’ championship this year. In addition, junior Ciara Anderson qualified for the girls’ AA championship, which will be played on October 7th. For the Varsity team, the overall record for this season is 9-3-1.

“Many people, myself included, improve their game nearly every round we play.” says sophomore Gennaro Santucci. The team’s score reflects this, conquering team after team in nearly every match, home or away.

The way the matches have been scheduled has helped the team’s success as well, and constant back-to-back home matches let the team reap the rewards of knowing the ins and outs of Shannopin’s hilly, difficult course.

Sophomore Christian Cooper says, “We’ve really been having a very good season, punching above our weight class, and we’ve just been moving right along.”

All in all, the team and everyone associated is glad to have had the opportunity to be part of a record-breaking season at Avonworth, and hopes for much more and greater to come.

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