Reporting by Eleanor Boggess

“It’s been a fun journey, ” said Athletic Director Andrea Patton about the girls soccer season, “and they are just looking to build each other up, like mentally through the season and I’m hoping that this is going to lead into the playoffs, for sure.”

Including a 2-1 win against North Catholic, how can they maintain their winning steak and translate that into playoff success? 

Some many wonder how funding for equipment, field conditions, and other team needs works and contributes to the team’s success. Is girls soccer supported the same way boys soccer, or for that matter any other sport across the three seasons?

“We ensure our parallel teams, boys soccer teams and our girls soccer teams, are based on participation numbers and based on their needs, we get funding adequate, so they get the funding that they need to pay for the operations of their program.”-said Patton. 

So as the high school maintains a 500 plus enrollment, the school will continue to use ticket revenue to help support girls soccer, and all the other school teams, as they advance quickly and successfully throughout their regular seasons.

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