Covid-19 has led to many conflicts and problems during the holiday season these past few years. Whether it was Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New years it just wasn’t the same. However, one holiday remained, and due to Covid restrictions, a hurtful decision was made. 

Halloween 2020 ended up being canceled across the US and this left us with the idea of Halloween 2021 could be canceled aswell. Children were crushed when they found out that their favorite time of the year to go out and grab some candy was canceled. One question remained; Will we have to wear masks out while trick or treating again?

Across the US in 2020, parties, events, and even Halloween itself were being canceled. Most neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area did not give up though. Trick or treaters were masked up in their costumes going from house to house. Even though there were still kids running around, most houses left candy outside. Children didn’t get the thrill of ringing the doorbell and getting candy handed to them out of a big bucket. 

Despite this new mask and social distancing mandate on Halloween 2020, this didn’t stop the partiers. Around the Ohio Township area, I passed at least a dozen of houses with cars lined up outside the houses and I heard of many other people and saw reports saying Halloween parties with no one wearing masks. 

With the events of last year’s Halloween, Halloween 2021 has a chance of working out. With the Center for disease control deciding on whether or not to cancel Halloween, they released a few recommendations. They advise staying away from large groups like parties and big groups of trick or treaters.

Florida Pedeatrirtion DR. Mona Amin gives a neat idea for safe candy exchange this Halloween; “If the positivity rate is low in your community and continues to decline approaching Halloween, I think it’s safe for trick or treating this year with a few precautions. Perhaps individual bags to hand out versus children grabbing into a communal pot of candy.”

These announcements have given communities hope for Halloween 2021. As of now, Ohio township, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, and Emsworth have announced that Haloween 2021 will be on this year and open to trick or treaters.

Cases are declining and this is one of the main reasons holidays are considered safe now. As long as the cases stay down, we have a bright-looking future for the holidays. Stay safe and be mindful of your decisions when it comes to social distancing on Halloween night. 


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  1. this article is well written, I remember in 2020 our neighborhood still took the kids out of Halloween and it made the little kids so happy.

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