Avonworth’s annual fall play is fully back in-person, and with a newer all-online ticket ordering process, all five showings sold out days ahead of opening night. Titled “You Can’t Take it  With You”, the romantic comedy, originally premiered in 1936,  opened on Wednesday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. and runs through the 20th. While tickets are sold out, some may open up and be sold at the door, therefore those who were unable to get a ticket but still wish to see the play are encouraged to wait in line the night of the show. 

Looking back at last year’s show, a radio performance of “A Christmas Carol” with no in-person audience, cast members and viewers alike will surely appreciate the sense of normalcy this year’s in-person performance brings.  “It’s actually very nice. Last year was a lot of fun for us”,  remarked senior Peyton Bauer, “the seniors last year (enjoyed it) I know that because I talked to them, but it’s something special about being on stage with an audience around you”.


Peyton, who is pictured here and has participated in drama all throughout high school,  will be taking on the role of Tony Kirby in this year’s fall play.  Tony Kirby is the wealthy love interest of Alice Sycamore, a woman who comes from a less fortunate family that places less of a focus on working and generating wealth, a conflict that makes up much of the plot of this story.


An additional 2021 specific challenge is the top level success of the Lady Lopes Soccer team. Tech crew member Madison Hollywood and cast member Elena Zimmerman, both freshman, have a state championship match against Allentown Central Catholic at Hersheypark Stadium on Friday the 19th at 11 AM.

Zimmerman is making a day trip Friday morning to compete and then leaving soon after to be ready for the 7:30 PM performance.

Despite the scheduling conflicts though, the show must go on and the cast members definitely delivered.  The show was very entertaining and had a unique feeling due to the seating being on stage rather than throughout the auditorium. This created a much more intimate feeling as the audience was much closer to the actors and there were only 80 seats available. While the entire cast did well, there were several standouts, including Grace Horigan as Alice Sycamore and her brother Killian Horigan as Alice’s grandfather, Martin Vanderhoff. Killian stuck out through a strong commitment to his character, speaking in an altered voice to sound more like an old man, an image that was aided with some help from great hair and makeup. Grace, while she did have a strong costume (sporting a curly red wig styled to fit the period) had some of the most emotional moments in the show and did a great job communicating her feelings both through lines and her body language on stage. Overall, the show was an impressive comedy with a good message that left a lasting impression on the audience.


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  1. Great article! I thought you did a good job not only having a little preview of the play but also instructions on how to get into the play and whatnot. The only thing I would say is that you guys had consistently had medium to small paragraphs, and the last one was just kind of large, so I would just try to break that up a little. Other than that small part, I thought you guys did a great job, and I really like how you went into more depth than just the play, like the two soccer players and how their game conflicted with the play.

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