TikTok hit maker Jeris Johnson has recently released a new song titled “Friday” featuring Trippie Redd. Johnson describes his sound as “future grunge”.

This is another Moxie track sent to the Avonews by Universal Records.  I’ll be honest. Jeris Johnson may be one of the more polarizing (not in the best way) artists I’ve received. Jeris, despite having no albums and few singles, really seems to have his own sound (again, not in the best way). His mix of trap hip hop, grunge rock, and EDM is definitely something creative, but if this is a new genre of “future grunge”, it’s lacking enough to make it enjoyable.

With a song that feels like Kurt Kobain meets Lil Uzi Vert and 100 Gecs, not many things can go right, despite the song not being one of the worst I’ve heard. The intro is Jeris yelling at an unknown person to turn the song up, of which his voice becomes so loud it almost hurts. It is quite funny and I’m under the impression that that was the intention, so you can’t really stay mad at it. In fact, most of the lyrics save themselves from being something disgusting or all around cringe with this “tongue-in-cheek” tone. But, the joking tone of the song works counterproductively after a certain amount of time and makes the song laughable, especially when you aren’t able to tell if Jeris is actually joking or not.

 Jeris’s high energy vocal performance is the highlight. It matches the new wave grunge sound almost perfectly and makes the song feel fun, which I assume is the point to match that party anthem feel during the chorus. The boom bap drums and the blown out, heavy guitar don’t really compliment each other all that well though, but are bearable, and at least mixed well.

The aforementioned Trippie Redd definitely carries the second half of this song and makes it feel far better than it would have been without him. Trippie gives a good flow and, despite the instrumental not being that good at all, he works with what he’s got and delivers. He even matches and transitions with Jeris really well. I found the feature to be the shining moment off of the track since Trippie Redd delivered with a sense of comfort in knowing that he won’t say something completely over the top or worsen the track at all. Kudos to him for really working with what he was given.

Although, once Trippie’s verse ends seems to be where the track completely falls apart. As soon as Trippie ends his verse there is a forced instrumental breakdown repeating the chorus, leaving you with hardly any room to breathe. The unexpected can be good in a song, but this just isn’t an example of that. While the energy is already so high and the sections of the song are so fast paced and rushed it becomes overwhelming. It makes the song start to feel too radio friendly, and try-hard instead. Which completely crumbles this thrown together structure of a song. Especially when we recognize that this is where the song essentially ends too.

All in all, Jeris Johnson’s new song Friday, featuring Trippie Redd, has its highs and lows. Although it’s lows make the best of any of the shining moments feel dull.

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3 Replies to “Marshall’s Moxie Music Review – Friday by Jeris Johnson feat. Trippie Redd: Guest Feature Saves Otherwise All Around Cringe Track”

  1. I really like how you wrote about this specific topic. I really think that people need to learn more about the music culture and the sort of behind-the-scenes part of it because lots of people don’t know about those topics and just listen to the music. I think that reading about the culture and knowing the artist personally and not just knowing their music is really a neat thing. Good job!

  2. I like the unique ways you used to describe the song. You seem to know what you’re talking about and it provides a good review to look back on while thinking of listening to this song.

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